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How it works

To be able to know how cost effective a building is as far as keeping its heat, you need to look at its “U” value, which is also known as ‘the overall heat transfer coefficient’. If you insulate a building the “U” value will be a lot lower.. We work extensively in the inverness area.
The u-values for standard polycarbonate and glazed roof are very high. This is therefore the reason that more conservatories are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Roof Revive are able to give you a conservatory with a low “U” value, it will be cooler when it is warm outside and warmer in the winter 
In order to reach this stunning result we use a lightweight 28mm high performance composite insulation which is made up of 19 layers of reflective and insulating materials. Cross ventilation will avoid condensation, or ‘sweating’ of the structure. 
After cautious installation, the roof is then finished with 10mm plasterboard and is skim finished. Once this is done the customer is then able to apply a decorative finish to complete the installation. We are the best conservatory roof insulation in inverness. 
There is no alteration made to the existing conservatory other than a minor 50mm (aprox) reduction in headroom

Technical Information for Roof Revive Superquilt


  • Meets specifications of L1A and L1B 2010 addition.
  • Fully certificated.
  • Thermally tested in accordance with EN12667.
  • High thermal resistance of 2.71m2 K/W.
  • Productive solar over-heating barrier.
  • Efficient in summer and winter.
  • Lightweight, thin & flexible.
  • Tear Resistant.

How does Roof Revive SuperQuilt Work?

Roof Revive SuperQuilt deals with all forms of energy transfer due to the unique composition of mulit-layers of insulation (i.e. conduction, convection and radiation). The results of this conservatory roof insulation are outstanding, just as our customers testify..  Therefore Roof Revive SuperQuilt doesn’t just perform well in the winter by reflecting heat back into the building and cold out, but it also works well in the summer as it is a very effective solar over-heating barrier which lessens, cuts the need for artificial cooling systems and prevents the unhealthy build-up of heat in the building. Please call our inverness office for more details. 
Should you have further questions on any of the above, or require further confirmation/verification of any of our claims, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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